Its only this year that I've taken dry fire more seriously. I've been trying to get some in every single day. It sucks - its boring sometimes. But it is what it is.

I don't wanna get all Brian Enos on this but I think zen states are something to avoid right now. If I find myself getting into a weird zen state where my brain shuts off and I'm just going through the motions I tend to stop or switch what I'm doing. When I zone out I get sloppy.

I'm too new at this. Zen = Unfocused right now. Unfocused means I'm probably developing bad habits. I'm burning in new pathway's without oversight. So until I'm better...Zen is something to be avoided.

My dry fire workout targets:

  • 100 draw strokes every weekday
  • 500 draw strokes over the course of a weekend
  • 10 minutes of practice every morning before I walk out the door
  • Minimum 20 minutes of practice every weekday evening
  • At least one 40 minutes session during the week.

Practice is really just a mix of:

  • Trigger Control Exercises
  • Transition Exercises
  • Handling/Manipulation Exercises

I try to break up practice in 5-10 minute blocks and switch between exercises in all 3 categories. It helps keep it from getting mind numbingly dull. If I do a longer practice session I tend to focus on one specific thing. I focus on whatever I think I suck at the most in that particular category.